7 Essentials for New Moms

Pregnancy has people telling you the numerous essential items that you need for the arrival of your baby. And while a good portion of these items is necessary, some are just unneeded. If you have a whole bunch of diapers and a bassinet next to your bed, you’ve already crossed out the few important things on the list! Here are (true!) essentials for new moms that make the new mom’s life easier! 

Travel System

A stroller and a car seat are indeed necessary items, especially when you are moving about with your baby on hand but we suggest you invest in the travel system instead. A sleeping baby in the middle of an errand is no longer a problem with this one! You’ll be able to slide your baby car seat out and snap it in the stroller in a matter of minutes with your baby peacefully dozing off with no care for the world. 

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is something that’s included in most lists but the most important note is to try it on before you actually purchase it. Carrying your baby around is easier when the carrier is comfortable. And you won’t know until you give it a try! So before putting an ultimatum on the baby carrier, try it on and check for certain features that you are sure would be advantageous to you, such as adjustable straps on the shoulders and hips. 

A Diaper Bag (that doesn’t look like one!)

It’s easy to give in to temptation and buy the most adorable baby bag from the mall and imagine yourself carrying it on the road, with the right amount of pockets and compartments to carry your baby’s needs. And while a diaper bag is indeed essential, what most people won’t tell you is to purchase one that can double as your own bag. 

Forget the bright colors, flowers, and boysy trucks. Get a stylish and durable bag that can fit all your and your baby’s needs. It doesn’t necessarily have to be tagged as a diaper bag, it can basically be anything as long as it has loads of pockets, is made with washable material, and can easily be attached to the stroller. 

Heating and/or Cooling Pads

We all have different pregnancy and delivery stories but one thing is for sure, the aches, pain, and soreness are ever-present. Depending on what you need it for, it’s always good to keep a nice stack of heating and cooling pads to aid for postpartum soreness. 

Portable Breast Pump

For new moms who are planning on nursing and taking the time out of the day to express their milk, you need a breast pump. A portable breast pump. Being a new mom means going out and about and always on the go, that’s why a durable and portable breast pump is the way to go! This way, you can go check errands off the list while your breast prepares for your baby’s next bottle. This is one of the must-buy essentials for new moms, especially when you want your baby to consume breast milk as much as possible.

Children’s Board Books

Reading time is not the same for babies. Instead of reading, they are more interested in pictures and grabbing at the pages. And if you bought baby books made with regular paper material, it’s not going to last for more than a few weeks. Instead, opt for baby-proofed books made with boards or thicker paper materials. They will last more with your baby’s curious hands and some of them include textured elements that your baby will enjoy exploring. 

Nursing Bra or Tank

One of the most important essentials for new moms are nursing bras or tanks is going to be your personal uniform for the next few months, starting from your baby’s birthday. That’s why we personally think it’s wise to splurge a little on postpartum essentials. Make sure they are soft, comfortable, and trendy enough to wear out in the public. Of course, they need to have the convenience that you need if you need to nurse your baby. 


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