The Best Bathtub for Babies (+ Product Reviews)

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As a first-time mom or parent, bathing your baby for the very first time will certainly be inside your memory forever. Just like the adults, newborn baby’s need to be clean as well. However, the bathtub you’re using in your bath area will not be used for young ones because of the size. That’s why it’s always good to choose a model that is friendly for the baby. 


You will be needing baby bathtubs which will definitely provide comfort to your baby throughout the entire bathing time. Luckily, there are a lot of available options in the market today.

Even so, this brings so much confusion for most parents which among the products is best for their babies to use due to many options.

That being said, it is important to do thorough checking about the product you’re about to purchase. Here are a few guidelines and options for you to always consider.


Always keep in mind to never leave your babies or little children unattended in the shower, it’s because even an inch of water is not safe and can be a drowning danger for them. Babies can’t provide support to their heads — or some other body parts, truly — so don’t forget to keep your hands on your infant all of the time.


Particularly in the principal weeks postpartum, a baby bath provides a huge help to make bath time much simpler for new mothers, who can remain over the kitchen sink as opposed to sit uncomfortably on the washroom floor tubside.


The kitchen and washroom sink should be cleaned before the baby bath time, which means needing more prep time.

What are the various types of Baby Bathtubs and Seats?

Here are a few various types of baby bathtubs for you to have an idea when the time comes you go to buy.

Convertible Tubs


This type of tub can be utilized at various ages and stages. You can utilize them with the available and provided infant insert or sling from 0 months to around a half year. At that point, with the sling being removed, you can keep on using the tub until your little one’s already around two years old, or until your baby can sit upstanding in the tub even unassisted.

Collapsible/Foldable Tub

A few bathtubs are intended to fold flat. At the point when you’re already prepared to bathe your little one, you just need to snap this tub into a support-like shape and afterward use it in your kitchen or washroom sink. This style could be a good option for you on the off chance that you’d prefer to all the more easily store the tub.

Inflatable Tub

Before placing this tub in your regular bathtub, keep in mind that it should be inflated first. One of its features is it provides a padded area for your little child to bathe in. These tubs are not intended for babies or neonates. A few specialists don’t suggest the use of inflatable tubs because there’s a possibility they can tip over or collapse. It may be ideal to check with your medical services supplier first in case you’re thinking about an inflatable tub.

Additionally, here are a few lists of baby bathtubs where you can choose from.

Fisher-Price Slint ‘N Seat Tub

Perhaps, you will concur that it will be not easy to bathe a slippery child. But, Fisher-Price makes this much simpler and easier for you. The beneficial thing about this bath is that it accompanies a hook so you can be able to easily hang it when not being used. This is an extremely ideal space-sparing technique. 

This whole unit is made with the usage of quality plastic material to ensure that it can stand the test of time. It likewise comes fit as a fiddle to make sure that the child stays in a good position every bathing time. Plus, it comes with the in-built drain which also makes it very easy to clean.

This baby bathtub has a versatile designWhen used, it takes up much space
It also has removable feet make it secure to use for the kid
Extra accessories are included
It is roomy enough as a toddler bath

Parents’ review

Some parents say that you’ll love for sure the four different stage options it offers. And the other extras ( the water scoop and spray battle) are just an additional bonus.

Check it out here!

Skip Hop Baby Bathtub

If ever that you are looking to buy great and durable bathtubs for the infant, the skip hop is a good option for you. The unit is suggested for those infants who have the age of a half year. It includes an extremely basic construction which makes it simple to use for the parents.

The entire unit is made with the usage of safe materials to ensure that the wellbeing of your baby isn’t undermined. On the other hand, the super-soft surface will likewise make sure that the child stays comfortable during bathing time. Plus, there are likewise various shading choices to choose from.

This baby bathtub creates a secure seat for the babyTakes a long time to clean
It also constructed with the usage of PVC-free materials
The bottom of the baby bathtub has a non-slip texture
Comes with a smart sling which provides comfort-edge support

Parents’ review

Some parents say that it’s very easy for them to convert this baby bathtub between the different stages. It comes with a good size tub  — not too small or too big for the baby.

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Summer Infant Bathtub

This type of bathtub provides the parents’ support and solace at whatever point they will be bathing their babies or children. The perfectly sized netting likewise gives security to the child that makes it stress-free for both the parents and the babies too. 

It also comes with a drain plugin which changes the shading to tell you about the water temperature. 

The most extreme weight limit with regards to this bath is 25 pounds which is good enough for the child. On the other hand, the ergonomics design it has will give solace to the baby every bathing period.

It comes with a sturdy platform which raises the baby safelyIt will not accommodate or not be used as the baby grow
This type of baby bathtub comes with a large tub size for the baby
It can keep the baby warm and safe
It can be easily converted as a kneeler

Parents’ review

Some parents say that you’ll appreciate its raised base, which will definitely save your back from any pain while bathing your baby. They added that the base can also be used separately as a stool, which only means you can use this product for many years to come.

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Book Soak Baby Bathtub

Next, on the rundown is this sturdy and modern baby bathtub from Boon. The tub includes some ergonomic structure which will hold the infants better during bathing time. On the other hand, it has a mesh hammock that will hold the child safe as you shower them. In spite of the fact that the cost for this extra is somewhat higher, you will get value from what you’ve invested.

Aside from that, you will value the way that the pads oppose mold taking into consideration for much easier cleaning. The drain plug which has been prepared on this embellishment changes the color to tell you on the temperature of the water. 

It can fit well on double sinksIt is a bit expensive
It comes with an adjustable bump design
It has  a non-slip foam which keeps the baby in place
It comes with a color-changing plug for measuring bathing temperature

Parents’ review

Some parents say that you’ll love its adjustable and removable support making this product adaptable to the different stages of your baby’s development.

Check it out here!


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