Unexpected Gifts for New Moms During COVID-19

Now that social distancing has put a pause on baby shower parties, how can friends and family celebrate and support new parents? These unexpected gifts for new moms during COVID-19 will help make life joyful, peaceful, and just a little bit easier. Choose a gift that helps protect the little one on outings, pick a treat that offers mom and dad some peace at home, or give the family peace of mind with a guarantee that key baby essentials will always be on hand no matter what is (or isn’t!) in stock on local store shelves. Read on for some thoughtful ways to show your love for the tiny new arrival in the middle of the coronavirus era.

gifts for new moms

DIY Coronavirus Stroller Safety

Fresh air walks are a must for new moms and little ones, but with COVID-19 in the air what can a parent do to help protect a baby who’s too small to wear a droplet-blocking mask? This DIY solution makes a great gift for new moms: an extra swaddle blanket and some high-quality clips so that a parent can hang the fabric from their stroller’s awning and secure it loosely across the stroller’s opening, creating a safe mobile pod for baby.

Draping an extra swaddle blanket over the stroller as a curtain and securing it in place with stroller clips is a classic smart-mom move for keeping a baby in the cool shade during sunny days, but the coronavirus means it’s a great all-weather solution for that little bit of extra protection. Putting a curtain of fabric between baby and the world will help block droplets and keep baby safe while mom or dad navigates the stroller through a crowded sidewalk or busy area on the way to the park!

Good-quality stroller clips (like the Dreambaby Strollerbuddy brand), also called “pram pegs” can hold up a lightweight swaddle blanket with no rips or strain. If the family does use the blankets this way they’ll want to wash the fabric between uses, so it might be smart to gift them one or two extras to have on hand! Gifting a few attractive swaddle blankets together with a set of stroller clips is a great way to help keep the new family healthy.

gifts for new moms

Unexpected Peace With Noise-cancelling Headphones

Due to COVID-19, most families are spending more time at home all together. This can be a boon for new parents as they soak up quality time with their new angel, but with everyone around the neighborhood all spending so much time in their homes or yards, it can also mean a lot of hubbub and activity that make it hard to relax. When mom or dad does manage to get a few moments to just sit down and finally exhale, there’s likely to be plenty of distractions around.

It’s hard to savor the moment when there’s television blaring from next door, the dog is barking, and maybe your husband or wife is adding their phone call or work call to the din! A set of high-quality noise cancelling headphones can help a parent find more moments peace and actual quiet, no matter how close the quarters. This gift will make sure that nothing (not even loud neighbors or a spouse’s Zoom call) can break the zen mood during those precious few minutes of downtime that mom or dad can manage to grab. This gift isn’t for the baby, but it’s definitely for the household! A very practical gift for new moms.

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Diaper Subscription During COVID-19

Whether presented playfully as a “diaper cake” or just wrapped with a simple bow, diapers have always been a classic baby shower gift and with very good reason. Many new parents are surprised by how many diapers they really go through in a day or a week, so it’s up to friends and family to make sure they have more than they think they need!By signing new parents up for a 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year subscription of monthly diaper and wipe deliveries you can offset some of the challenges of the coronavirus era by having these essentials brought to the family’s doorstep on a regular basis.

With supply chains still showing signs of disruption from COVID-19 panic-buying, it’s even more important to make sure that parents have guaranteed access to the necessities of daily life. Take the sweat out of this baby-rearing basic with a “set it and forget it” subscription for the new family.You can find diaper subscription options through major national retailers like Target or Amazon but before you click the “buy” button online, try calling up any small, independently owned baby stores in the new family’s neighborhood.

Most brick-and-mortar baby and childcare stores are staffed by passionate, knowledgeable experts; if one of them offers a local diaper subscription that you can purchase, you’ll not only be helping keep a baby clean and dry, you’ll also be helping your gift recipient start a new relationship with a nearby expert who can give them advice and support!

online shopping

Online Shopping is an Option

If online shopping ends up feeling like your best option, the Honest Company offers a monthly subscription that’s widely considered the top of the pack. In addition to the product quality, fans in parenting forums and online communities around the country appreciate that the diapers come bundled with wipes, and that it’s simple to switch sizes as the baby grows or order a “mixed size” pack as your baby is growing from one size to another. At $96/mo their price tag might feel a little steep, but the company’s emphasis on using natural and plant-based materials whenever possible means you’re getting something special for your money.

This is an excellent gift for new moms. No matter your price point, a diaper subscription makes a great group gift for new moms during COVID-19. If you’re considering upgrading the traditional gift of diapers from a casual one-time present to a bigger ticket item with an ongoing diaper subscription service, try teaming up with a few other folks to pool financial resources and share the cost. Together, you can make a big difference in a family’s first year!


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