Gifts for New Moms That Are Not for the Baby

When babies are born, we tend to make it all about the baby when it comes to gifts. And of course, we think that it also helps the new mom to get these baby-centric items. But the thing is, most of the time, parents are ready with almost everything a baby needs. From onesies to burp clothes to milk bottles, they’ve got it. Especially for first-time expecting parents, they’re definitely stocked. 

So what else can you give a new mom that she will be able to use? This might be a little tricky but you can never go wrong with practical and functional house gifts. With a baby, there will always be a house that can’t be fully cleaned and anything that will help make the work easier is always welcome. 

There’s also options of items that could help her sleep better. After the delivery, there will surely be weeks of adjustment and with that comes sleepless nights. It would be a nice gift to send her things that could make her few hours of sleep feel like more. 

Or you could also go with self-care kits. Taking care of a baby can be very exhausting and while it’s not always that moms can get out for a free day, a self-care kit would do wonders. 

But don’t worry, we got you covered. Here we have a compilation of gifts that you can try for the new mom in the family or in the neighborhood. You best believe that they will definitely love these. 

Here are some gift items and tips!

We separated them in categories so that it would be easier to sort through the list and see what you think will best fit the new mom. 

House Helpers

These gifts are designed for new moms who don’t have the luxury of getting help in the household. House helpers are here to save the day!

Amazon Echo Dot

This is one of the best smart speakers on the market with a compact design that fits perfectly into small spaces. You can put it on the shelf, bedside table, or the kitchen countertop. Honestly, wherever you’d like that suits you. It has improved speaker quality and also compatible with other Echo devices. 

And if there’s no help available, then Alexa can do a bit of that for the new mom. Here’s a list of Alexa can do with the Amazon Echo Dot

  • She can stream some lullabies from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Sirius XM, and others to soothe your little one while the mom is out doing some chores. 
  • She can set alarms if the mom’s cooking or just for any time updates she needs. 
  • She can call anyone in the house, hands-free, as long as there’s a compatible Echo device. 
  • She can also take care of the lights, the thermostats, and all that if the house is equipped with smart devices. 
Cleaning Service

A vacuum or robot cleaner would be a nice gift. But of course, the best they could do is suck dirt and it would need external force to do this. Or you can gift them a weekly or monthly cleaning service which will leave the house good as new. Not to mention that most cleaning services today also make sure that your home is sanitized. 

Trust us, it will mean the world to a tired mom to have someone thoroughly clean the house. 

Up For The Baby

These are some handy gifts that will make the daytime life of a new mom a bit more bearable. Especially when they go outdoors for some fresh air, these items will definitely be a hit. Just make sure they already don’t own one of these. 

Diaper Backpack from Dagne Dover

Dagne Dover commits to an organized bag life so say goodbye to chaotic storing of all your things. With their wide collection of bags, there is one for everything you need. Maybe you’ll find something for yourself as well. 

But for new moms, we definitely recommend the Indi Diaper Bag for $155. It’s very chic yet roomy complete with removable stroller clips and equipped with a mini changing mat. There are also numerous pockets for organization – a space to keep specific things – and a zipper on the front designed for easy wipes access. There are also two key leases – one for mom’s keys and the other is for the baby’s pacifier. 

Smart Travel Mug

It’s a bit pricey but it’s definitely worth it. This is best for sleep-deprived moms (are there moms who are not sleep-deprived?) who need a cup of coffee to start their day or just to keep them awake. For this one, we recommend the Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

It’s equipped with a battery that can keep your drink warm for 3 hours and also comes with a charging coaster. You can also set the temperature you like with its new touch display or you can just control it via the app. And the best part is it’s leakproof. Rest assured that the coffee is still hot, safe, and not harming children. You can also bring it when you go outside. 

For better sleep

New moms tend to be sleep-deprived so what better way to make their day than items that will improve the quality of their sleep? Even if it’s just for a few hours. 

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are highly-recommended for those who struggle going to sleep and getting enough sleep. It can help calm restless bodies and even reduce feelings of anxiety. Something that most moms battle a lot especially during the early weeks. It’s a type of at-home therapy which mimics deep pressure therapy. 

You can get the ZonLi Adults Weighted Blankets. This is one of the best companions for a new mom. And aside from all the benefits above, it also provides warmth during breastfeeding sessions in the middle of the night. 

Silk Pillowcase

Silk is known to be a very good fabric material for pillowcases. New moms usually have tons of things to do and sometimes, they don’t have time to actually take care of themselves. But thanks to silk pillowcases, they can rest knowing it’s clean, less drying for their hair, and prevents irritation and damage. 

You can get one from Sephora

Self Care Kits

These kits will definitely change the life of a new mom. Because they need to pamper themselves once in a while! Here are some kit ideas you can try. 

DIY Self Care Kit

For this one, it highly depends on what you think the new mom needs. But here are some staple items that you can throw in that will definitely make their day better: aromatic candles for a peaceful bath (plus a bath bomb would be extra nice), different flavored teas to calm their exhausted souls, and clay masks to pamper their skin while they indulge in the bath. 
A pregnancy bath salt would also be a good addition as it’s essential in helping keep things clean as well as promote healing. Additionally, these are formulated to increase magnesium levels in the body to help reduce aches and pains. Grab this Pink Stork Pregnancy Flakes on Amazon.

Fresh Meals

Nothing ever beats a good, home cooked meal. It’s definitely one of the best gifts to give a new mom especially that she is busy looking after the baby. You can also offer her some company and chat a bit to help her relax and provide some help just for an hour or two. 


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