Pets and Newborns: Can you raise them together?

Deciding on a baby is a massive decision for everyone. There are simply so many things to change for him. Your whole life will shake because even your sleep will be interrupted. Accordingly, you are not the only one who will experience these things at home.

You have other family members, which you should also consider when it comes to having babies. These are your furry companions. Your cats, dogs, and others will meet huge adjustments. It is nice to know whether you can raise or not babies with them.

There are crucial preparations to make things easier for everybody. These will help in putting everything smoothly in place. Your pets hold the largest part of it. Here are some of them.

1. Introducing babies to pets

pets and newborns

Babies do not fall from trees. Along with your pregnancy, it is better to introduce the young one to your pets. They say dogs are most sensitive, and they often know ahead about it. Talk to them about it in the gentlest voice.

The simple conversation will get them emotionally prepared for some immediate changes. Then, bring a doll. This one is a technique used by several pet owners. They use it to lessen the excitement when the actual time for the baby arrives. 

Carry around the dolls like it’s a real baby. Make your dog or cat come around it and let them interact. You will see here whether they have any aggressive behaviors. Do not tolerate anything terrible. Praise them when they are gentle.

Rewarding is something right. Notably, the pet will form good habits around babies if they know what is right and wrong. Nip the latter quickly so that it won’t happen again. 

2. Familiarizing pets with baby senses

Even before the baby arrives, your pets must feel like they are in the house. This one is a smooth transition when the actual event happens. It entails preparing the home with all baby things.

The baby room is vital as much as the other things in the place. Some dogs or cats are not fond of changes. When new items are added, they quickly get anxious.. It is the same when pieces of furniture are rearranged.

Fill the house with baby things that will bear its smell. You can slowly start using the baby lotion or shampoo around. It will calm and relax the furry companions as they associate it with you. They will not act funny on the real thing later on.

On the same note, play baby sounds around the house. It is not unusual for babies to cry. This one might startle your pets, and they will act without thinking. It is dangerous when they are asleep, then wails suddenly alarm them.

If it is a dog, howls and barks will partner with the baby sound. You will surely get a headache from the combination. The newborn will not settle as well when it happens. Everything will only lead to chaos.

Familiarization is the key to all the matters above. Push on with devotion because your family counts with all these preparations. 

3. Setting boundaries

Boundaries are great for letting your pet know what he can do and what not. As early as you can, set the rules. Train them with it so that they will be accustomed to everything. Nine months is long, and it is the perfect time to create the limits.

The baby room is one limit, for example. If you do not like your furry family members around it, let them know. Start with few commands that the dogs will understand. Some owners bring their pets to training centers to learn them.

An obedience class is a perfect way to prepare your pets. They will learn not only to socialize with people but other animals too. It will break their destructive behavior. These two are crucial for the baby’s arrival.

When the commands are learned, use them as often as you need. Tell them to stop when they go inside the baby’s room. Sit and drop are other standard orders during these times.

4. Adapting the pets to new routines

Like what was said above, there will be many crucial changes in store for you. The baby itself is a big difference already. However, you do not know how well the family pets will accept them. 

Routines are the other things pets will mind so much. Long before, your attention is fixed with them. You perhaps have to go out and run around the god park after work. This one is undoubtedly one of their favorite times, yet it can’t happen anymore due to the baby.

There is the division of time for everything centering on the baby’s needs. At some point, feeding the cat and the dog might even be forgotten. Make some adjustments now.

Let your pets adapt to the new routines. Make them so that you can introduce them right away. If you will change their feeding time or the playdate schedules, do it. They must get used to it even before the baby. It will lessen your stress.

5. Set up safety precautions

This number is included in the list because not all fur parents are privileged to bring their pets to an obedience class or give them time to train. Let us face it, we all have different circumstances. Here is what you can do, set up the safety precautions today.

Put up the barriers where they are needed. It will help put privacy in between the baby and your pets. Some parents do not want the two together. It will bring some solutions to this conflict.

Aside from it, put walkie-talkies around or anything for quick communications. Dogs are sensitive to sounds. They will quickly be excited if they hear you shouting for something. Lessen it through this trick.

6. Growing up with pets

Over time, your pets and newborn will grow together. You have done well with the early days, yet there are still things to work on. It is the toddler years. 

Your pets are not the only one who needs guidance. When it comes to them, your child must also learn how to respect them. Gentle hands are needed. He can’t go charging and snatching dog toys.

Animals have instincts, and they often act on them despite domestication. Accordingly, your presence will make a difference. Supervise one another when they are together. Do not leave them playing around. Accidents happen anytime. We can only prevent them.

There are a lot of studies nowadays speaking about the benefits of pets with kids. Take this one as an inspiration to raise both your infant and furry children in one home. 

Important Takeaways

Babies and pets can coexist. If you are looking for the most straightforward answer to whether you can have pets with babies, this is it. However, you are taking on a considerable challenge.

It is a commitment to have both pets and infants in one home. There is simply so much to do before and during it. Always remember that you love both of them. You can’t give up on one because things are hard.

You can lessen the stress. Preparation is the key to everything. Your pets might not entirely understand the changes, yet they are open to them. They love you as much as you do; they will feel it with your little one as well.

Do all the necessary things above, and you have set things in motion already. Everything is worth it. 


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